What make us different

Space club disposables is a company that is focused on producing high-quality e-cigarettes that are ideal for vapers. The company has a variety of products that you can select for your vaping needs. Additionally, they use high potent oil and cannabis products.

Types of Space Club Disposables

There are two types of space club disposables. They include; space club 1G and 2G.

Space Club 1G Disposables

Suppose you are a marijuana connoisseur then the space club 1G should be your choice. This is because it is made using high grade cannabis concentrates. Also, the space club 1G is available in different flavors that are; Blueberry Pebbles, Grape Gusher, Mango Mimosa, Apple Rings, Berry Gelato, Strawberry Shortcake, Super Lemon Haze, Watermelon Runtz and Pineapple Diesel

Space Club 2G Disposables

The space club 2G disposable is the next product that is closely similar to 1G. However, they have different flavors and they have a different body build. Below are the space club 2G strains. Berry Gelato 2G Live Resin, Cherry Limone 2G Liquid Diamonds, Guava Zkittles 2G Liquid Diamonds, Lava Melon 2G Liquid Diamonds, Papaya OG 2G Liquid Diamonds, Peach Cookie Pie 2G Liquid Diamonds, Space Club Grape Gusher 2G, and Super Lemon Haze 2G Disposable